Six courses. 5 pieces of article and book literature per week. Two different languages. 5 email inboxes connected to my Blackberry. Internship at UNSCENE. Independent Study on Facebook. Two long three hours films per week. 50 hours of studying suggested to do well in classes. I have senioritis already.


Citizen journalism used to be the baby of online media. It is quickly crawling and ready to walk bow-legged at a speedy pace to the average persons computer. More people are finding that in computer -oriented fields and areas of study where the most pertinent research and work happens on an online environment :Blog is the star, that everyone needs to meet and get to know. Politics are being elevated by Blog. Businesses are being catapulted into the worldwide web with the effective supplement that Blog provides pages. Blogs are writing and changing the stories of America’s prime time television shows. Blogs are eating and and drinking more and more of the time of innovators and discovers. Yet, many people still don’t recognize a blog from a news article? Is this new way of participatory communication by invite only? What mask could blog be wearing? Maybe one that’s more scary and intimidating than sparkling and appealing? Is this “democratic trend, really what it poses to be? Or just a mask….

So far all I know is that its definitely Senioritis. For sure.


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