Lacy: “What more can I say”?

Lacy took the Black Album approach on answering to criticism about her fudged interview with Zuckerberg, CEO of FaceBook. I almost thought that Lacy was going to have a conniption by the end of this video and I’m sure she probably needed a Tylenol later for sore neck and shoulders after such an intense shoulder-shrugging session on camera.

I have to admit that I think Lacy’s ability to respond to negative commentary about her interview on the spot with confidence in her craft is quite admirable. Though I’m not sure if most would shun at my choice of words for her shrewd vocabulary in this video. She dropped an F-bomb or two, which seemed a bit unnecessary, but you know what after looking at sxsw interview (for the last time), maybe that is just her thing.

Oh and one more thing about Lacy: she looks strikingly similar to ANTMs second season winner, Yoanna House, who might I add would have done a much better job than Lacy. Perhaps, Lacy chose the wrong “high-profile” icon to mimick her swagger after.

Ok, I’m done 🙂


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