Social Media- in the Media

I’ve been reading Jarvis’s BuzzMachine, and finding alot of relevant news about the way that traditional media is acting around new social media. Seems as if journalists and reps of traditional news media are “acting out” around the creators of our most popular tools to date including the famed FACEBOOK! I had only seen Zuckerberg on the pages of the RedEye previous to my recent Google image search for him. I was intrigued to get a good look at his face, because apparently he has been perceived as shy and sort of boyish- he’s in college. He is pretty normal looking- maybe alittle nerdy. But my perception of his shy “interaction” with CBS journalist Sarah Lacy that she acted like more of a child that she was trying to make the Billionaire herself.MarkSarahpost.jpg

Does traditional media really know how to act around new, social media? Jarvis made an excellent point about her inability to adapt to the younger, tech driven audience at SXSW. The code of conduct is so simple and obvious when dealing with this type of media. Let the people do all the talking! Let the audience, who are active members that use the technology everyday ask the questions and make successful inquiries and requests like one audience member did about the abililty to search for messages on Facebook. Clearly, Zuckerburg responds much better to this type of communication. He only wants to make sure that he is doing all he can to help people communicate better. I think its really cool that Facebook is coming out in different languages (French, Spanish). In fact, I think that this breaking down the language barrier and making these different formats accessible links the world over the web better than television and newspapers can, because the web is worldwide. One could visit the content that is being implemented by users on Facebook around the world. How about that traditional media!? And just alittle bit of advice to Lacy: traditional media has already dealt with the fact that this kid dropped out of college and created something that made him and his friends billionaires. Don’t go trying to burst his bubble about such a thing..its not going to affect him, because he HAS the money in his possession and you don’t! You looked like a cartoon out there! The money is secondary to the value that this new media has and its impact on societies ability to communicate! Grow Up, Lacy! Get with it.

Oh yea and for the record, I’m so offended that Lacy would use twitter to communicate a message to express non-social media pursuits to improve her interaction with Zuckerberg and others like him. Listen to the people Lacy. They have all the answers, not the book that you wrote!



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